Namoi Water is the peak industry group for irrigated agriculture in the Peel, Upper Namoi and Lower Namoi Valleys in the North West of  NSW.

We are a non-profit, non-political organisation supporting our members to achieve a sustainable irrigation industry that meets the environmental, economic and social needs of our local communities. 

Namoi Water News

Namoi Water Sponsors 2018 Carp Muster

Namoi Water Sponsors 2018 Carp Muster


Namoi Water is a major sponsor of the Narrabri Carp Muster. The annual fishing club event removes tonnes of carp every year from the river system. This year saw 712 entrants of whom most were school children with 210 new participants. Over 505 carp were removed from the river, equating to 615.9kg. The event offers $13290.00 in cash and prizes along with a raffle. This community lead activity is one of the ways we demonstrate that a healthy river is everyone's responsibility and even the smallest action has a positive impact. 

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Murray Darling Basin job shock as water buyback hits farms

Murray Darling Basin job shock as water buyback hits farms

NATALIE KOTSIOS, The Weekly Times August 3, 2016 12:00am

UP TO 35 per cent of agricultural jobs have evaporated from communities in the Murray Darling Basin’s upper reaches under the Federal Government’s water clawback plan, startling new data shows.

The “horrific” figures for basin towns in Queensland and northern NSW — garnered from new research by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority — have led to renewed calls for water recovery targets to be lowered, as the socio-economic effects are fully considered.
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Saving Wee Waa

Saving Wee Waa

27th July, 2016

What is happening that is hurting Wee Waa?
Wee Waa is hurting right now, our town is 90% dependent on Agriculture of which Water is the major factor. The Murray Darling Basin plan proposed to remove 23 000 megalitres of Water which will come from farms in and around Wee Waa.   This will mean an estimated 70 Full time job and $38 million dollars will be removed annually from the regional economy. This decision whether to take water from Wee Waa is being made by the Murray Darling Basin Authority as part of the Northern Review of the Basin Plan.   
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2015 AGM Update

Many thanks to all the members that attended the Namoi Water AGM in Gunnedah 26/8/15. Meeting presented the updated Upper Namoi Ground Water Hydrographs. The below links to the presentations that relate to the UNGW zones. A copy of the presentation from NSW DPI Water is available on request from the Namoi Water Office.

Presentation of the Lower Namoi Hydrographs will be organised in the coming weeks. 

Groundwater Hydrographs

The links below are the hydrographs for the monitoring bores in the Namoi Valley based on data found on the  NSW Office of Water website for Real time

data  The  hydrographs show the monthly changes and have been updated to the end January 2015.

Upper Namoi hydrographs can be found here.

Lower Namoi hydrographs can be found here.

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Extractive Industries

Independent CSG Science Forum - Parliament House : Namoi Water participated as part of the Steering Committee for the forum held earlier last month. Over 130 people attended the Science and Law workshops, concluding with final panel forum which included a presentation from Professor Tony Ingraffea from Cornell University on Well Integrity. See Link : Coal Seam Gas Forum Website

Namoi Water Study : The Namoi Water study is now complete please see below links to the reports. The Namoi Community Network is still seeking release of the Geoscience Australia peer review of the final report that currently sits with the Resource Minister Anthony Roberts.

Reports Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV   Final Scenario 7 has still not been released despite report being finalised in July 2012

Mining and CSG Exploration Notices

Independent Expert Scientific Committee (Federal Committee) Reports,  


Coal Seam Gas by the Numbers ABC