About Community Groups in the Namoi

There are two main community groups active in the Mining and CSG debate in the Namoi.

The Caroona Coal Action Group (CCAG) represents a country community concerned that subsidence longwall mining will damage the underground aquifers, the life blood of the food and fibre production, on the world class Liverpool Plains, NSW. CCAG believe there is an absolute failure of planning process in NSW. Since Part 3A of the Planning Act was introduced, many of the proper, independent checks and balances for mining have been removed in favour of unquestioned development and a disregard for people’s property and democratic rights. CCAG believes the NSW State government is compromised in this matter by its addiction to mining royalties and the excessive sums paid to it for exploration licences.

CCAG are pressing for an immediate moratorium on any kind of resource exploration on the Liverpool Plains so that an independent, catchment-wide water study can be performed to understand the interconnections and intricacies of the aquifers beneath these prime agricultural rich soil plains.
The Maules Creek Community Council (MCCC) was formed on the 25th of July 2010 at a community meeting to address the concerns of residents regarding the coal and gas developments in the local area.
Leard State Forest and surrounding farmlands, near Narrabri, are threatened by proposals for three new or expanded open-cut coal mines.

Together they will form a mega mine-complex that will clear at least 5,000ha of land and produce 23 million tonnes of coal each year.  It is estimated that the mines will collectively result in 18,000 tonnes of dust landing on adjoining farmland. MCCC are pushing for Health Impact Assessments to be done to establish a baseline for any impacts to be measured against both in terms of water and air quality effecting the surrounding communities.

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