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Namoi Water is the peak industry group for irrigated agriculture in the Peel, Upper Namoi and Lower Namoi Valleys in the North West of NSW.


We are a non-profit, non-political organisation supporting our members to achieve a sustainable irrigation industry that meets the environmental, economic and social needs of our local communities.


Independent Review of Embargoes – The NSW Government is undertaking an assessment of the recent embargo under the Section 324 provisions. The event was protected for critical human need for downstream communities , the target at the commencement of the event started instream and as the rain became more widespread and high flows occurred the target moved downstream culminating in 70gl requirement at Menindee Lakes. The Independent review is focussed on the communication of restrictions to water users and the public, the decision making process including the public interest test and how the relevant agencies managed the event. Namoi Water encourages all members to submit to this review.

Water Sharing plans – The Namoi Ground and Surface Water Sharing Plans are in the process of being renewed as part of the development of Water Resource plans, as a statutory requirement of the Basin Plan. The Namoi community submitted over 242 submissions to the WSP public consultation for Surface Water, the majority of these supported the more balanced option to share supplementary access.  This change ensures the local community can respond to drought and be more resilient, the change proposed protects the river and environment in a change to the access height from 2000 ml day at Narrabri to 6000 ml day.  This ensures a pre-spring pulse is provided for native fish whilst sharing access with communities during larger flow events.

Floodplain Harvesting – The Department of Industry – Water is in the final stages of licencing legitimate and historical take of floodplain flows. Importantly access to these flows is when there is a significant rain event. The total headwater storage in northern NSW is equal to 4900gl and the Southern NSW Basin has approximately 11 000gl – these are storages built through public expenditure.  The reason farms in the Northern basin have on farm storages is due to the inability of the river operator to provide continuous flow, the water delivered out of storage is required to last the farmer for up to 3-6 months at a time depending on availability. On farm storage is used to store a range of water including rainfall, used agricultural water, overland flow, floodplain harvesting, groundwater, supplementary water, unregulated water and general security.  Floodplain harvesting infrastructure was originally licenced under Water Act 1912 as part 8 and part 2 work approvals, the current licencing process will ensure access is within the agreed National water initiative CAP on surface water as well as complying with the Basin Plan Sustainable Diversion Limit.

For further details on any of the above please call the Namoi Water office 0487 925223.

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