Board Member of Namoi Water, Andrew Watson is also a current sitting New South Wales Irrigators Council (NSWIC) board member. Andrew’s expertise and attention to detail sees him a valued contributor to NSWIC, just as he is to Namoi Water.

Namoi Water currently has Vice Chair Gus Moore and Executive Officer Mick Coffey sit on the WaterNSW Custom Advisory Group (CAG). This gives these representatives the opportunity to provide input and feedback to WaterNSW on issues relevant to the performance of WaterNSW’s obligations to customers under the WaterNSW Operating License or WaterNSW Customer Service Charter. 

River Operations Stakeholder Consultation Committee (ROSCCos) meetings are chaired by WaterNSW and attended by the Namoi Water Board and the Executive Officer. These committee meetings are held with key stakeholders to discuss river operations, allow concerns to be raised and proactively find solutions to issues. Recommendations arising from ROSCCo meetings are shared with the NSW Government’s Critical Water Advisory Panel. 

The Namoi Water Executive Officer along with several board and general members sit on the Keepit Airspace Reference Panel (KARP) to provide stakeholder input into the management of airspace and flood operations at Keepit Dam. This may include information regarding likely timing of demand for irrigation or environmental water, impacts of high river flows and associated constraints, current inflows to the dam and downstream tributaries, other requirements that may impact releases and any other additional relevant operational information. 


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